Friday, April 23, 2010

Sunday is the day!

Hulu Selangor voters, if you're working in other states, please go back and vote Pakatan Rakyat. Stop the evil BN regime!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Boycott all BN owned media from now on! Especially the Utusan Malaysia! Don't believe anything they say or write! Go to Malaysiakini, go to Malaysian Insider, go to Malaysia Today! Read, watch and decide for yourself!

Zaid Ibrahim for Hulu Selangor!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

They somehow made me who i am today

Its been awhile since i've listened to Nirvana, and today, i played In Utero. Thats reminds me how much this band has influence my music life. Then, i started to recall back how many albums that affect me like In Utero does, nowadays there are very little album that i can enjoy entirely.

That triggered me to make this list:-
  1. Nirvana - In Utero (If i have tourettes, i will listen to this album until the day i die, have more in common right? Love all the songs in the album)
  2. Butterfingers - Selamat Tinggal Dunia (Most critical and sharp rock music ever made by Malaysian. Love 90% of the songs)
  3. Radiohead - OK Computer (You know you've encountered a great album when you found yourself playing the album on loop although you said "WTF?" during the first listen. Like 80% of the songs)
  4. Elliott Smith - XO ("Im never gonna know you now, but Im gonna love you anyhow" This line cuts me deeper than the steak knife did to Elliott. Love 90% of the songs)
  5. Furniture - Twilight Chases The Sun (The most depressing album ever made by Malaysian. Love 90% of the songs)
  6. Muse - Origin Of Symmetry (Talk about kick ass guitar riffs and dark lyrics combination no one does it better than Matthew Bellamy. Love 90% of the songs)
  7. Oasis - Whats the story? Morning Glory (The Gallagher brothers are idiots, but i believe their idiot-ism has contributed greatly to their music. Love 70% of the songs)
  8. Pearl Jam - VS (The got famous upon their first album release, I only started to love them when they release this album. Love 90% of the songs)
  9. Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie Of The Infinite Sadness (Love 70% of the songs, but thats enough, the album has 28 songs)
  10. Nirvana - Nevermind (Nobody can ever make such an album. They win, forever)
  11. Slipknot - Slipknot (Oh, those hateful lyrics, beats, and riffs can seriously drive me to kill somebody if im in a bad state of mind)
  12. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream (Today is the greatest, Hippie ice cream van with people making out all over, thats a huge WIN. Love 80% of the songs)
  13. The Vines - Highly Evolved (The guys sucks at singing, but he does write pretty catchy songs, made me hooked to the whole album)
  14. Weezer - The Blue Album (Oh Say it aint so, how can anybody not love this album?)
  15. Weezer - Pinkertone ("I've got your letter, you've got my song, Im dumb she's a lesbian", this two songs are enough to make up the whole damn album. I think i was in love when i found out about this album )
I realized, none of the bands above are post rock or instrumental band. Its weird, that my music doesnt sounds like any of the band that i listened to. Can i actually say they are my influence? Hahah. Oh well.


Sunday, April 4, 2010


"Someday, when you're at my age, you'll find that waking up with a women snoring beside you is more important than any guitars, amps and pedals in the world"

Hahaha, this is strangely funny for me. Maybe i will understand that someday. Maybe, maybe not.