Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Miss Fireflies & KL Jam Asia

We had a lot of fun here. We did.

All of a sudden i miss everyone.

KLJamAsia, Velan, Fireflies & Something Something, Ching, Ebee, Paolo & Faiz, Band Slut buttons, the beautiful crowd. All, its so long ago.

Its all gone now. I really miss this part of my life.

Indie kids nowadays might not know about this place, might not know about Fireflies & Something Something, some even despise Fireflies & Something Something. Hypocrite music magazine might have forgot about KLJamAsia & doesnt think Fireflies & Something Something did something for the music scene.


Fuck you.

KL Jam Asia stand strong for a few years although Velan didnt make much profit, KL Jam Asia provide platforms for bands to perform, provide a place for you people to watch the bands & the music scene grow. The moment it went down, you guys didnt even bother.

KL Jam Asia just wanna see the music scene grow.Do you know how much did they charge the organizers off ticket sales? ONLY 20%, thats right, only 20% you guys have full setup and a space. They're just this sincere.

For people who think Fireflies & Something Something did nothing for the music scene. Im sorry, you guys are fuckin ignorant fucks. FSS, organize gigs without earning one cent from the doing so, we have full crews, photographer, designers, emcee, soundman and promoter. We did everything by ourselves, i even risk my job for printing few hundreds of flyer per month illegally from my then office to promote these gigs. WE EARN absolutely NOTHING. We hand 20% of what we made from ticket sales to KLJamAsia, and the rest of the money, we devide equally to everyband, no matter what bands they are, big or small, we treat every single band equally.

If you people, doesnt give us any credit for things we do for the music scene, i dont mind, but when you idiots started to bash Fireflies & Something Something, you've crossed the line. I wont take any shit from you newbie indie kids & long time corupted hypocrite music magazine anymore. I am Kit, a single person, if you're not satisfy with my opinion, come over and bash me, dont sit behind your computer trash talk my band and FSS. At least i got the balls to say what i think with my real identity.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Whisper In Coma

Nightlights - Whisper In Coma

Oh my lover has a gun,
And it puts me in a coma,
Everyday I lie in bed, longing for the sun,

She still speaks to me softly
She says she meant me no harm
As long as I can let go and hide it from everyone

You said you loved me, but it didn’t last,
You tried to hold me when you couldn’t even hold yourself

Oh my baby has gone sailing
On tiring waves of missions
She’s left alone with no feelings, without me seeing

Now there’s no one by my side
No voices left to whisper to me
No sight, no direction, no comfort, there ain’t no god speaking to me

Well, fine, god never told me anything
Silent treatment from him, never surprised me

Oh feelings are disturbing
Our thoughts are running wild
Imagination propagate dreams unto our conscience

Now she yells to me silently
From a distance beyond my sight
She said “Can I rant to you again first thing in the morning?”

I said “Yes, why not, I’ve been here like forever”
“I can listen from a distance, but I can’t be your guide”

I just want my dreamer to find her way
To her freedom, across the universe, discard the burdens,
To live, without a doubt of her choices in life
This is all I wish for, even if I don’t see the light.

2009 Written by Kit for Nightlights

Thursday, May 21, 2009


why do you worry so much? why you always have doubts in things you do? nothing is perfect, no one can control their fate. for once, why cant you stay strong, believe in your decision and walk into a path full of space for imagination? why limit yourself and everything around you?

"when you are with me, im in doubt, when you're gone, i kept thinking about you"

these are the words you said to me. i dont like it when you doubt. i never once doubt about you, because i believe everything is in our hands, because once i made a decision, i wont turn back. your doubts thrown me away. and now you're going to doubt about your own life and paths? thats the last thing i wanna see.

be strong and dont turn back. our life is like a puzzle of a beautiful scenery , it will fall into the right place eventually.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Valse for the sleepless

It took me awhile to realize that sad is not the only emotion i can write amongst music notes. I love music. I believe in my music. I hope i can do this forever.

We have four new tunes in the bank now. The most recent one is called "Valse for the sleepless". Lets dance!

* Valse is the French term of Waltz

(proud songwriter of silent scenery)