Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Grumpy old people shall die!

Yes, fuck grumpy old man! Fuck them up their asses with a rubber dick and may heavy trailer trucks hit them and grind them over with its wheels.

I am sick today, have fever, i was walking my way towards a clinic, then i encounter this grumpy old fuck in front of me, i was pretty blur, so we were on each other's way, and that motherfucker called me stupid for not taking the other way to avoid him. What the fuck? Now old people own the road? Since when? I'm sure i never get any notice about this! So right after i passed him, i turn around and looked at him as he's still whining like a little bitch. I looked at him and point him my middle finger and he proceed to raise his voice and wanna pick a fight with me, this old fart who cant even walk straight try to pick a fight with me. I would've just kick his fucking face and leave but that would bring me down to his level, so i just ignore him and walk into the clinic leaving him swearing like a fucking old saggy balls donkey there.

Conclusion is, you fuckin old people out there, dont even think you deserve respect from young people just because you're old. It doesnt work that way, at least for me. FUCK YOU, i dont fuckin care how old you are, if you dont deserve respect, i wont show any to you. I dont believe in automatic respect. If you want respect, you gain it, period. Being old is not a skill, dont automaticly gain you respect.