Sunday, June 28, 2009


Les filles françaises sont belles :: French girls are beautiful

Other chicks sucks compare to french chicks.


Friday, June 26, 2009

24 & More

That's my birthday, 2 days ago. Thanks to people who wished me on Sms, Facebook or whatever. Of all those people i only replied one. thats also because that person wished me at the right time (i was so free and was shaking my legs in the living room sofa). Why i didnt reply? Sorry, cos too many, and i figure that creating a template and reply all of them using it would be insincere. But i appreciate it. Terima kasih.

Anyway, its 24 for me now and im a jobless slack thats enjoying life.

Its funny that the only wish i have for this year is to survive living this way as long as i can. You think i dont look far? Dont have plans for my life? Nah, as usual, i got my logic. I see achievements as something that just provide people temporarily joy. Im looking for long term life achievement and i know, i bet all of you know too. The only way to achieve long term joy is to do what ever fuck you want to do, and...thats what im doin now! So you see, my goal is long term my friends.

Well, me and Ian Kirk ( my evil twin brother) might start to write some comedy skits. Since we're the sickest dude among the circle, we figure that we can pull off some awesome-o-sick-saddistic-vulgar-anti-sematic-fun loving skits, short films and movie. There i have something to look forward to.

Silent Scenery will be playing singapore's Baybeats Festival, might start to record new album soon.

Nightslights will be kicking off its debut performance this Saturday then will be playing Rantai Acoustic show on 4th July. Pretty neat hah.

Thats all about me.

On the political side. If the government really are serious about tackling street crimes in this country, its very simple. I can suggest you guys one simple and guranteed effective method.

* You catch that Mat Rempit son of a bitch that snatch a pregnant lady handbag and caused her death, bring that no-good-asslicking-motherpussysucking-son-of-a-twatcuntwhore to KLCC, publicly hang him to death in the public + broadcast this on national tv and give fellow citizens a hint that this is gonna be practiced regulary until these Mat Rempit Snatching cases is solved or at least cut down half by statistic. I can even provide you a suggestiong of slogan:-

"One down, a whole lot more to go"

I believe once you hang one of the useless piece of shit to death publicly, those Mat Rempits will start to have phobia in riding their motorbikes. Snatching purses and handbag? Would be out of question.

How you like that? Now dont give me that everybody deserve a chance shit. We've got no time for rational solution. You killed a person, you deserve to die. Simple. No negotiation. By doing this, you can even avoid corruption which can be done by the accused. No negotiation, no corruption. See, after helping you guys solve street crime problem, i help you guys stop corruption in judiciary. Dont thank me for the second one, i give that suggestion to you half baked brains as a bonus free gift :)

Thats all for tonight.