Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

im still doing my part

Looking that there will be another by-election Pakatan Rakyat need to secure in Penanti and i really want Barisan Nasional to get outtha the Government. I've gotta do my part. Here's another generic banner i made to support Pakatan Rakyat. Put it up!



this is an amusing site. made my day :)

France Surrenders


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Nop: I took this picture early in the morning in my hometown, my hometown is safe from riots and violent protesters, i wish Bangkok is same like my hometown.

Nop is a friend of mine in Bangkok, the founder of Finalkid Label, the guitarist of post-rock band, Inspirative


Both side of Thailand protesters (Yellow & Red).

For safety the of your own people (Thailand citizens), please stop this madness. Democracy is not supposed to be achieved through act of violence.


Your Neighbour,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Anwar, your people are the weakest.

Since the by election has ended. Its time for reality check. Yes, the people still trust Pakatan Rakyat, but one question shall be asked. For how long?

After all the attacks that PKR representatives have got from BN, and having two frogs jumped over to BN, Anwar should realise, PKR is the weakest party among the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. If not, why is it always PKR representatives that gets into trouble? Anwar have gotta admit that his people (PKR) are at least half as screwed up as BN representatives. I've got a friend whose father is a leader in PKR that possed quite a high post, and he too agree that there are alot of rats in PKR. When i ask him what kinda rats? He told me "the kind that will ask me for money". It seems like credible & commited leaders in PKR are so rare that it give me a feeling that these PKR ppl are in PKR because they think their favours will be returned when Anwar become PM (which i doubt very seriously that it will happen before PR can totally get rid of these rats).

I totally agree with RPK when he said PAS leaders are more commited. Look at Nizar. He didnt fall eventho he has been kicked outtha office, and being accused for disobeying the King. Look at Kelantan, it fell into PAS hands and it never go back to BN, there must be a reason why people vote for them right? There must be reason why BN never sucessfully bought any of their representatives and cause trouble in Kelantan right?

And while im at it, DAP too. Dont think you're a lot better than PKR because only Hee jumped, you guys are just one frog less than PKR. Take care of your people, no point keeping mutated rat-frogs that will hop and jump anytime.

All leaders in PR need to keep remind themselves this. The people chooses you on 8th March 2008 just chooses you because you guys are better option than BN for the moment. Dont get all your heads big and forgot what you promised. If those ppl who voted you on 8th March 2008 gets fed up and decided not to vote on next GE13, then i can assure you, PR will surely lose. You know why? Cos if these voters dont turn up, then whose left to vote? Traditional BN voters.

Anwar, you better do something about your corrupted insiders fast.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

that time of my life. i cant forget.

i cant forget. i cant forget you. that thirty three days of my life. left me with memories that can be written in a book thicker than a bible. because i remember every second of it.

i so sorry.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thumbs Up!

Thumbs up to your faces! People in Bukit Selambau & Bukit Gantang! Good job! It really serve as a strong message to BN that people in Peninsular had already rejected them and already asking them to get out. "Get out BN, you are fired!" Let it ring in your dirty ears will ya? Corrupted leaders in BN. And Dr. M, why no response yet? Where's your blablablablablabla?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lets cast them sorrows

People in Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang & Batang Ai, by now, most of you had made your choice by simply jolt a tick in the ballot papers. I hope all of you had cast a vote for the people, not for political parties, not for money, not for luxuries. The world is watching, tonight we're going to see the corrupted government weep in sorrows.

Dont let this fade, dont let this go away. Continue your fight for the people, for your bangsa Malaysia, for your families, people who has been tortured for over 50 years in this country, for democracy.

Let us watch these corrupted scums weep tonight. Cast a shining light to democracy.

My name is Kit and im not chinese.Im a Malaysian.

Friday, April 3, 2009


PR will one shot take three this time and one shot take everything in GE13. Vote Pakatan Rakyat.


Hari yang tersangat sedih

Najib became the 6th prime minister of Malaysia today. But all is not lost. Pakatan Rakyat has three by-elections & a general election (3 more years) to win. Relax, let the fella sit on that shaky chair for a little while. Then we'll vote all those scums outhha the office.

All PR leaders must be extra conscious about their safety from now on.

the country is weeping.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

my take

L: How could you believe there's a higher power while you deny all religions?
K: Well, you wont understand even if i try to explain.

The truth is, believing in a higher power doesn't necessary mean you need to belong to any religion. I will tell you why. First of all, what most people got the idea of higher power wrong is, our link to a higher power are supposed to be spiritual, and spiritual communication needs faith. While Christians talk about faith, they dont really have any fuckin faith, you know why? Because those idiots achieve their so called "faith" through a fuckin book. A material that they can fuckin SEE! They need something that they can see to convince them that should have faith. Where i myself, believe there's a higher power, i dont rely on a book to encourage me to have faith, i have faith through spiritual communication to the higher source. In other words, i have more faith than any of you religious cunts do.

So comes to the second arguement, and that is.

"the book is the teaching of the lord, its supposed to guide you to stay in his havenly plan, provide you teachings that help you to live a good life"

Hmm, "the book is the teaching of the lord". Who told you that? The BOOK told you that the BOOK is the teaching of the lord! The book is written by humans right? You've got humans who CLAIMS that they know about the story of god, witness all the incidents then write down these stories into pieces of papers that pass from generation to generation telling you that the book is the teachings of god! Well, i dont know about you, but i dont see much difference between the book & Harry potter and the half blood prince. When i point this out, you say "Well, its about faith that you believe the book is messages from god". You're looking at something that you can see, and you tell me you still need faith to believe in it? Believer, believer, believer. Dont you guys see, the book function more like a medium to descriminate & to take down people who doesnt follow orders than for any other reasons and causes that they claim the book has? Doesnt it sounded pretty political to you? From the golden calf to the crucifiction of jesus christ by jews.

Why the book is political? Look and analyze. Over centuries, the enemies that christians chooses to attack follow one pattern. They attack other religions that claim to have only one god, but their god is different from the christian's god. Muslims & Jews (another reason maybe because the book has said jews are the those who killed jesus, so thay need to attack them also). Why? Because all three religions claim there's only one god! Hence, if all three of them are right, then baby, we have 3 gods! Obviously, they dont have choice but to attack each other. Other than that two religions that the christians attack, there is one more minor enemy of christians, TOAiSM. Why? Because Taoism pray to heroes in a form of doll. Remember the Golden Calf? Since the book said that the Golden Calf is an illusion/distraction of the devil, its natural that Christians need to attack them also. Christians doesnt bother about buddism much because Buddism didnt claim to be a religion, they claim to be teachings, so in christians eye, its okay, they can close one of their eyes.

Oh yeah, i've also been told by this pastor in church, when i was still in church. This bastard told the whole big group of youth that, all muslims are going to hell. Why?

He said:-
"after the new testament, angel gabriel fly from heaven go find Prophet Mohamed, tell him to continue the teaching of god by using this 2 book, old testament and new testament. so Prophent Mohamed read through the book and found that the crucifition of jesus christ is unbearable, so he changed the story a little, by saying when the jews were about to crucify jesus, jesus fly back to heaven, so later on the jews saw someone in the crowd who looks like jesus, so they went on crucified that dude. poor fella, hence thats why until now they say the muslim believe in this false statement, therefore, they've followed the wrong teaching, and that leads to why they'll be denied at the gates of heaven"

Alright, on what basis the bastard use to claim that statement is true? NONE! Again, i dont know about you, but that sounded like a political hate speech written to slam people who doesnt pray to the same god as he do.

As conclusion, i have faith that the book is some crap stories written by people who wanna control one and another. To keep people in line. To make sure you pray to the same god or they'll send some rockets to your land.

That is also why, i thrown away the book. To believe in a higher power all you need is to communicate spiritually. Screw the religions. If you ask me "Then, where should i get my life moral from if i dont read the book?". Aha, when you were younger, if a man come up to you and ask to stab your dad's eye with a kitchen knife, did you do it? If not, why not? If your answer is "Because its not right!" where do you get the idea of stabbing your dad in the eye is not a right thing to do?

Conscience, and where does conscience came from?

Religion is just a game that created by humans to separate one and another. Its a political game crafted to tell you that we are different from each other and if anyone disagree with you, you should go on and kill each other to defend the name of god. Religion is categorized as group, and group often separates.


it has begun

1st of april 2009. it has started. getting ready to shift to the other side of the moon.