Friday, October 30, 2009

Mind Your Language

Giovanni Capello: You know, when i was a little boy, i wanted to be a Priest.
Jeremy Brown: Really, what made you change your mind?
Giovanni Capello: Its like this, one day the priest give a big sermon in the church, all about women, girls, and the pleasures of the flesh, and the more he spoke, the more i realize what i would be missing!

Best comedy script Vince Powell ever written.


Monday, October 26, 2009

A conversation

A: What I’m trying to say is Chinese motherfuckers just aren’t that attractive in general. Just imagine now there’s a second coming of Hitler and his mission this time is to kill, unattractive people. I’d say we’re pretty fucked.

B: Well, I have shit load of Malay folks that love that yellow skin of ours

A: No, there’s a different, Malay dudes generally have hots for Chinese chicks just because they can see more flesh from Chinese chicks. Reaction to sexual attraction doesn’t make a person attractive.

B: What about Malay chicks that has a thing for Chinese dudes?

A: How often does that happen? Just because it happened in SEPET doesn’t means it’s happening! A Chinese will fuck a Caucasian any minute any hour based on looks, Caucasian will fuck Chinese based on very practical reasons. Things like love, personality, money and shit.

B: That fucking ridiculous. A person beauty should not rely on physical appearance.

A: I’m not talking about personality dude. I’m talking about physical appearance itself. A deformed face has nothing to do with how many trees a person saved or how many hungry kids a person fed.

B: So you are saying there’s a hierarchy of looks amongst ethics?

A: Yes, I’m not discriminating my own ethics; I’m just pointing out the truth.

A: Look at how the Bible is written. Even Jesus is a white boy. Can you imagine Jesus is a Chinese dude? Alright, lets say Jesus looks like me; do you think people will give as much fuck as they do to a white Jesus? See? Even the writer knows a yellow Jesus cant sell!

B: Very twisted thoughts you have there man.

A: Truth is always ugly.

Friday, October 23, 2009