Thursday, February 26, 2009

Write Backwards

Nightlights - Write Backwards

You were born in your home, but you worship your neighbors’ throne
Walk up to them, try to decorate their moods
When our house's on fire, you pimp our land to your buyers
Then you fly away to where you desire

The magazines and papers claim that they represent us
But all I see is those strangers on the covers
Advertisements sell and feed your hungry souls
Living on empty, where are you gonna go?

Bogus accents, ret rock rockets, bumps into a street pick pocket,
Foreign billboards and imported shorts, western dishes stay in the hot spot,
National anthem, a rip off version, song from the past turns into present
Evil politicians, draconian laws, they will judge you in a kangaroo court

Read and learn and read, but you’ll never get to lead,
Internal security acts up when you forget the lyrics

Where are you gonna go?
When you have nobody home
Where are you gonna go?
When you lose control

Racers, robbers and liars, you are top ten on the earth,
You enrich the governor as they steal from the poor,
Smashed up translator, body apart from soul,
If you testify, you’ve gotta go!

Uniform servants, forgotten profession, place the bank notes under the booklet
Criminal actions, kid obsession, national treasure of the missing persons
Taboo sensation, high level corruption, every story has different versions
Silenced voices, trumped up charges, when you’re against us, you will get it first!

When our farm got robbed, everything was gone, and you were there singing your neighbor’s songs
You monkeys see, you monkeys do, when they say yes, you scream “I DO”
When I direct this song to you, you say “To hell with you!”


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Im proud to announce that, im goin back to basics. Nightlights it is. A folk solo sideline by me. Alone. Again.

A singer-songwriter who once mutated to a postrock martyr later found the cure to turn himself back into a singer-songwriter. Simple. Its not rocket science.

You are now listening to honestly sarcastic thoughts that transformed into tunes by a reversed postrock martyr.

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Nightlights @ Myspace

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Tunes to feed the hungry ears:-
Nightlights - Ms. Sunshine Live @ Actor's Studio



Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ms. Sunshine

Nah, take this.

"Ms.Sunshine" Live At Actor's Studio Featuring Azmyl Yunor

Lyrics & Transcript

Kit: This song is about her ridiculous working hours.

Hey Ms. Sunshine!
How are you doing today?
I wrote this yesterday’s morning
I was supposed to sing it today
Ms. Sunshine work and sleep in the morning.
Well, she’s occupied by her work.
Ahh, Ms. Sunshine, I will sue you for overwork
Put down those papers and pens
We shall sing a song

That goes like this

Yeah, this is a song about you, Dear.
I bet you’d like to listen to
Some lyrics that doesn’t rhyme, with the strumming and the chords
I bet you can hear, a song that go
“Lala, lalalalalalalala, lala, lalalalalalala”

Ladies & Gentlement, Azmyl Yunor!
(Harmonica Solo)

Hey Ms. Sunshine!
This song is dumb I know.
But you should feel blessed, because I wrote it for you.
Hey Ms. Sunshine!
You know I’ve run out of words.
This is the last reminder for you
Here I go.
One Two Three Four

Ahh, Ms. Sunshine!
Don’t drive with your eyes closed
You’ve got to spend little more time,
Without these paper works

Hey, you people!
Ms. Sunshine is not here.
So you can stop looking left and right, because she’s not here.

Hey, Ms. Sunshsine
You don’t even know this song exist yet.

"ms.sunshine by kit"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sounds like Xylophone & Typewriter

Ladies & Gentlement. Meet Little Tikes Xylophone Piano!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Pointless Questions & Statements

Alright, this is about pointless questions and statements that we use. We often uses it, but we never realize how pointless it is.

1) B went A's house looking for A. B knock on the door. A's mum answer the door, know its A's friend, so she ask A to come down from his room while she open up for B, then she ask B "Hey, looking for A?"

2) Boyfriend pissed the girlfriend off, girlfriend put on a moody expression. Boyfriend walks up to girlfriend and ask "Are you angry?"

3) A & B going to meet up.
A: So we meet at Mid valley at 3pm alright. What time are you gonna be there?

4) A tells B that he's very stressed up with his problem.
A: ...this problem has been bothering me, its killing me.
B: Ohh, are you okay?

5) A tells B that he's not free.
A: Im catching a movie at 9pm.
A: So i wont be free at 9pm.
B: Obviously?

6) A tells B that she's hungry.
A: Damn, im hungry...
B: What time you ate this afternoon?
A: Why does that matter?

ok, i can only think of 6 right now.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GEH Tailors

Photoshop brought me back to 1940's.

*Note: G & H Tailors = GEH Tailors :)
* Words of wisdom = Dig we must - growing :))



K: dont worry, life is too unpredictable to worry about
A: what am i worrying bout?
K: you're worrying about ** ****** ***?
A: muahahaha, sometimes you're a smart cookie.
K: smart cookie only? that so low.
A: then? what you want? smart piece of shit?ahahaha.
K: how bout smart cheese cake? at least bigger in size.
A: dowanla..ahahahaha.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

it strangled up my mind

Well. i need a break. officially. well, not a long one tho, i need 30 days. 30 days to clear my head. from all the problems that strangled up my mind. i'll write the letter soon. i'll leave that to Maggie's farm. i will fulfill the notice. and i will buy the ticket. i will buy the ticket to go to somewhere i think i will find peace. to stay awhile with a blank mind. i miss my blank mind. a mind so blank, that it cant even store my thoughts.

before i do so. i would clarify that. im not hiding from reality. im a person with visions and dreams. taking a risk in life doesnt count as hiding i guess. im taking a break from these ugly reality. for once. i just wanna say "fuck you reality, im goin off." to safe my head. cos its too cramped. i havent been able to sleep at night. a subconscious reaction towards bad dreams and nightmares.

and you, dont even dare judge me. dont you even dare say that im pessimist. i dont blame you. but dont you ever dare make remarks on my action, acting like you know me from inside out. act like you know what im going through. send me advices, treat me like im a fuckin child. you dont know me that well. i dont hate you. but i hate your remarks and words.

well. lets hope my trip upon a magic swirlin' ship can happen. let it happen.


Monday, February 2, 2009

ms.closing chapter

[...and i wrote, "this is your Johnny Cash in black", these tunes are dancing just for you, but i know, this isn't something you need, it meant nothing to you. This will be, the last thing I'll ever, write about you. This is, the closing chapter, but its ain't anything to you..] "ms.closing chapter" by kit