Saturday, May 29, 2010

People are really fucking dumb

1) Environmentalist: Rich elites who disguised themselves as fighter of the nature. They dont care about the nature, they only care about a nice place for themselves to live in and they want you to take care of the nature so that they can have nice environment for themselves. Screw Environmentalist.

2) Art people: They thought they are doing something for the society, everything they do has a meaning. Nobody should questions their arts, they feel if you dont get it, you're ignorant and not creative. Art is the same as religion, they are exclusively for people who agree with them. If you dont agree with them , you are a retard. Fuck art, drink beer.

3) Religious people: Conservatives that often contradicts themselves. They said, only God has the power to judge people and yet they judge people who doesnt believe & disagree with them. They say they dont know hows afterlife is like but claims that there's heaven and hell. If you dont believe in god, you die. If you believe in other god, you die. More people have die in the name of religion than any other reasons. Fuck all religion! Religious people can shove a big unicorn up their asses.

4) Extreme liberal people: These people fight the conservatives too much that they have gone nuts. They will go as far as saying Man and Animals are equal. They call Man and Children sexual relationships "freedom of choice". Not a single person in this world is one thing, there must be something that we're conservative about, there must be something we are liberal about. Prostitution, Gay Marriage and Marijuana? I am liberal. Pedophilia, rape and crime? I'm conservative. Its cool to have a liberal thinking, but going too far into liberating stuff is dumb. Extreme liberal people should just have sex with animals if they think they are so liberal.

5) Racial / Cultural / Country extremist: These people are fucking dumb. Race, Culture and Country pride is simply the biggest causes of war. These fucking people fight for things that are genetic and luck accidents. Nobody should be proud of their race, culture and country. Pride is something that we gain, not by genetic accident or accident of birth. I say, stop being proud of these stupid shit and live like a human being. Racial, culture and country extremist should try licking their own assholes.

Thats all for today. Fuck these people.