Monday, November 24, 2008

well, pictures or it didnt happen.

As a free thinker that despises christians, i found this picture amusing :) For anyone who are not a religious wank that cant take simple jokes, or in any case, retarded or dumb, search for George Carlin on Youtube and have some good laughs alright.

Dont give me retarded shit like "aiyaaa, 2000 over years ago where got camera?". Its joke, moron. Relax.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

stupid fuckin fuckheads mat rempits

This is fuckin fucked up. I just came back from 7-11 near my house. you know what happened? 7-11 fuckin locked their door. when i failed to open the door, the girl came open up and tell me that i cant go in and i can only tell her what i want to buy and she'll get it for me. When i ask her why, she said there's been too many mat rempits robbery happened in this outlet that they need to do that.

Great. Now mat rempits are robbing 7-11 too?

Fuckin hell wack off mat rempits, will you fuckin un-educated pieces of shit stop robbing people to fill petrol to you fuckin motorcycle and waste the fuckin petrol with your stupid fuckin illegal road racing? fuck your mother! fuck your fuckin fucked up parents. i hope your parents die, i hope your grandparents die, i hope, if you're fucked up enough to have a child, the child die before its born! you fuckin waste of life fuckin jerk off to grandma porno pieces of dirt.

this also reminds me that there's once this one dumbass minister suggested the government to adopt these fuckin mat rempits to prevent them doing unhealthy activities? adopt them yeah? what happened now? they started robbing petrol stations months ago and now they started robbing 7-11!

serious, you fuckin mat rempits, go home and check weather your parents are still alive. if they didnt hang themselves for this i bet they're as fucked up as you fuckers are. go to hell!


Friday, November 14, 2008

daring tv stunts


This is the best prank ever. Spoiling live tv shows are just the greatest thing ever on earth! I respect that 2 dudes! Fuckin hell!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sack the fella

Its a huge relief for malaysians now that RPK is released. finally malaysia judiciary starts to make some sense. so, the judge said, RPK ISA detention is illegal because the home minister didnt follow the proper procedures. great. you know what i say? i say, detain the home minister under ISA.

Why? i'll tell you why. if he, as home minister, cant even follow proper procedure in detaining someone under ISA, i wonder what he's capable of. Alright, let say he made a mistake, he didnt mean it, but this is a huge mistake! why is he still the home minister? Lets look at what he have cause by detaining RPK under ISA without following proper procedures. COUNTLESS of protest and candlelight vigil. If the Hindraf 5 is detain under ISA because organizing ONE street protest. Then why isnt the home minister that didnt follow proper procedures gets detain under ISA? He contribute big time in this problem. He's the one to be blamed. Alright, if detain him under ISA is too harsh then nevermind. We are good, law abiding and civilized citizens, we prefer not to use savage law like ISA on people. lets sack him from his position as the home minister shall we?


Thursday, November 6, 2008

politician victories and assassination

Americans have got their first african american president. i sure has witness a whole lot of history being made lately. first, its malaysia general election that have the oppositions denied the rulling government parliament by 2/3. then now Barack Obama became the states' first african american president.

Now i can tell this to my childrens & grandchilrens in the future!

Im also waiting for one more history to be made. Oppositions take over Malaysia and have Anwar become the prime minister of Malaysia. For those of you nay sayers and those who gave up hope on Anwar because he cant deliver his september 16 dateline, i think you guys shouldnt be such whiny bitches. Taking over a government is not like taking over a Chicken rice stall.

first of all, for all i remember, Anwar said September 16th is the last day for BN rulers to decide wether they wanna crossover to PR. then media blow the story out of proportion saying Sept 16 will be a date where Anwar will storm into PM's office, demand PM to get the fuck outtha the office. PR go with the flow, still saying "they'll be ready by 16th sept". when goverment take over didnt happen on sept 16, everyone whines.

Anwar as a politician for so many years, got framed into jail for 6 years, know damn well, promising a dateline is a dangerous move that will cause him more negative effect than positive (especially making promises to whiny Malaysians) and yet he gave malaysians a dateline. why? just to scare some BN candidates to jump to his ship? i dont think so. what if that move didnt work? it will make hella lot of malaysian lose trust in him wouldnt it? Anwar is not dumb, he must had thought of this and wouldnt be that stupid to go on with such risky plan if he doesnt have some backup with him. it has to be something more behind all this.

anwar is a visionary leader. if he didnt have a proper planning he wouldnt come back. so far all this plans worked. unite DAP, PRK & PAS, denies BN 2/3 in parliament, get himself back into parliament. among all his plans, taking over goverment and become prime minister is the finale. its the final move, wont you guys have a little more faith and patience?

i still believe he can be Prime Minister and make some change in Malaysia (if no asshole assassinate him). talking about assassination. after watching multiple videos of politician assassination (e.g Benazir Bhutto, JFK, RFK, Ronald Regan attempt assasination) i think anwar really needs to more careful. because, from what i see he always show up in public in the same situation as Benazir Bhutto and RFK did. Stand amongst a big crowd with minimal relaxing secuirity. it would be easy for any motherfuckers to just run to him and blow his head off. if its a long range sniper shot then i guess, its his luck then. just like JFK. but i feel he should prevent easy assasination scenario. i would be fuckin pissed if i get assasinate by some guy whojust walk up to me when i can actually afford to have body guards and human sheild to safe my life. if someone snipe me then at least not so "buta". get what i mean?

have some faith fellow malaysian!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


"so, kit, what do you believe?"

* i believe Buddha is the first hippie in the world, go figure why.
* i believe religion is the biggest bullshit mankind ever came out with.
* i believe in the ability of human to create and destroy.
* i believe love is friendship being set on fire.
* i believe men and women are like cats and dogs, they will never understand each other, but they can live togather with the right amount of tolerance.
* i believe music is the most influential form of sound.
* i believe children and old people are the most harmful group of people but overlooked by mass society.
* i believe money is the most important yet most meaningless thing in the world.
* i believe the person who created delay & distortion effect pedals were high when they create it.
* i believe penis is the only offensive weapon without the support of bone.
* i believe men has better brains than women, but wasted the brain because of laziness & arrogance.
* i believe hot girls has the worst hygiene.
* i believe if god really exist, he's a fuckin idoit.
* i believe geeks and nerds are the ones who're supporting the country and economy, they provide us life, although i still despise them and would like to bully the fuck outtha them, just for having an asshole personality, act extremely lame and annoying.
* i believe everyone are racist to a certain extend, although they like to act like they're totally not racist.
* i believe point blanc is born retarded.
* i believe dj nesh know how to shove a dildo up his ass better than dj-ing laundry bar on thursday nights.
* i believe hiphop music are originally inspired by dog barks.
* i believe im a hardcore liberal.
* yeah.