Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim, My Prime Minister

In the recent firebombing issues, it's proven that, with Anwar in opposition, Najib wont stand a chance. Just look at the leadership, with Anwar in opposition, we see DAP & PAS unite (please note that, this two parties cant even sit on the same table before this)
. With Anwar in opposition, PAS & DAP begin to compromise on sensitive issues, we can see Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh sit side by side by Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang, joking and laughing. When opposition has issues, they solve it instantly. When there are race or religion issues, PKR, DAP & PAS stand together with one common view on things.

Now look at the other side. With Najib as PM, we have MCA drama about power grab, we have MIC became irrelavant, we have Gerakan keep quiet and follow the leader and the funniest of all, the new Makkal Sakti party, havent even started, already face leadership crisis. Ahahahahahah! Until now, MCA cant even solve their internal problems. When there are race or religion issues, UMNO became extreame, MCA stuck in the middle, MIC stuck in the middle, Gerakan just stand beside and shut the fuck up.

Why Pakatan does better than BN? Cos Pakatan got team work, they work together to take care of the people, unlike BN, keep working to kill Pakatan Rakyat, working to get positions in party, working to have Utusan write more and more racist articles, working to have The Star bodek Najib, and most importantly, working to cover up wrong doings.

With so much trouble floating in their head, do you think they can govern properly? Well, if its Mahathir i guess it wont be that big a problem. Im not very fond of Mahathir, but i've gotta admit, he's one smart fox. Mahathir has 10 times better brain than Najib. If shit happens, Mahathir can handle. Najib? Not only he cant handle, he make things worst.

Therefore, Anwar Ibrahim is Prime Minister in my heart and he will be my Prime Minister in GE13. Najib, you dont stand a chance, Anwar's front will completely drown you in GE13.

Remember, in history, only Anwar can push Mahathir until he has no choice but to attack him backdoor. If Mahathir nearly cant handle Anwar, what makes you think you can handle Anwar?

See you on the opposition side after GE13, Najib.


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