Thursday, September 3, 2009

Critical Situation To Beautiful Revelation

Photo courtesy of Ebee & Arriddesert87

I almost didnt make it to play the biggest show ever in my band's career. Thanks to the government sector that is a big fucking pain in the anus.

Well, i made it anyway, thanks to a good friend who helped me out all the way through the whole show, he even lost his wallet at the show. I said it a lot of times, no words are good enough to thank this motherfucker. Other than this little mofo and his actress girlfriend, i have with me my long time photographer/close friend, close pal from hometown and of course my band mates that really made me proud during the performance.

One thing, i dont know what to feel about the whole experience actually. Im just glad i made it at the very last minute. Also having a bunch of close pals walk with me to witness the biggest show of my band. The feeling is more than just pleasant. Its like one great rollercoaster ride.

Now im back, people ask me how does it feel like to be like a rock star for 3 days? My answer is, feel like a rockstar? No. The amount of mistakes i made on stage are enough to disqualify me from being a rock star. Serious, i really dont feel like a star at all, in fact, isnt a rock star a human being? Why should i feel any different? All i can say is, its a great experience. Rock star? No.

My band is far away from that and we still have a long long long way to go.


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