Sunday, March 8, 2009

not everything

20 minutes ago, for the third time, i tried to fix my broken acoustic guitar. Its my first guitar anyway.

When the bridge first broken, i tried to mend it, i didnt manage to. Then few weeks later, i tried to fix it with glue, it didnt work either, but i still keep it, try to play it once in awhile, even tried record something with it, although it cant stay in tune very well and it sounded pretty awful because of the broken wood.

So 20 minutes ago, while i was about to go to sleep, i looked at it and decided to give it one more try. What i thought was

"hmm, since the sound is already fucked because of the broken wood, why not just screw over the thing to stabilize the bridge?"
Well, it didnt work either, the bridge still floats.

Then i realized, not everything thats broken can be fixed. In fact alot of things, we just cant fix it. No matter how hard we try.

My first guitar has ended.

Suddenly this song came to my mind.

"I came here, I waited , To see it, to say this , What started on fourth street is finished " by Sara Lov


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