Friday, September 12, 2008

this is what i called bullshit


the government has arrested Raja Petra Kamaruddin & Teresa Kok today under the Internal Security Act for allegedly being a threat to security, peace and public order.

First of all, RPK as a threat to National Security?
Is he? did people kill each other after reading RPK's Is he a terrorist? Any prove that shows he's going to organize a mass suicide or street protest? Eh, uncles, got or not?


so is he a threat to national security or a threat to corrupted VIPS?

Did Teresa Kok said she wanna ban Azan? Did she or not? She wasnt even involved in the petition on lower down the volume of the loudspeakers for the ceramah (religious talks)! Dude, lower down the volume for ceramah, not Azan! So, now Teresa Kok is detained under ISA for being accused (mark the word, ACCUSED)
involving in a non-existing petition to ban Azan.

this is fuckin bullshit. we malaysian, demand the government to release RPK & Teresa Kok this instant.

if they really did something wrong (which i dont think so), charge them, and send them to court, not detain them without trial. this is a big slap on the face to democracy. this is a total disgrace to malaysian justice system.

Free RPK & Teresa Kok. Now! Abolish ISA!


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