Friday, September 26, 2008

the end of everything

I stumbled upon a band's myspace page, and one of the entry of their blog caught my attention. its entitled "by the way, we broke up". yes its this small little band in Massachusetts, happen to broke up. where i seen quite a number of bands in the local scene broke up. this particular one actually makes me think.

"what if i end silent scenery one day?"

its been a year plus since i convert silentscenery into fullband mode, from simple 4 chords songs to well structured progressive songs, my effect pedals, from 3 pieces now became 7 pieces, from Squier Telecaster to now Epiphone SG (switching soon to Mosrite). we played more than 30 shows already, had an album out recently. we still have a long way to go. its hard to imagine that im gonna end this one day. no doubt, i'll still be doin music altho not under the name silentscenery.

isnt it funny how small little things in our life can grow into our skins and bones?

having a band is like having a life partner i guess.

by the way, the band that i mentioned, they werent well known, not a sucess, but they made decent music. to think about sucess, silentscenery is not an explosive hot item in the music scene, but we kinda made it to somewhere that almost 70% of bands in the current music scene cant be honest, im quite satisfied.

lately, i've let go of my usual frontman position in the band. i wont be handling as much things as i used to handle, im letting the rest pushing their limits in song writing, maybe one day, if i decided to leave, they can continue the legacy. and not just die. it'll be pretty funny/weird to watch a band that i formed playing without me :)

i started silentscenery 3 years ago. i went thru alot of things, wrote alot of songs about people, but only one them made it to silentscenery debut album.

the person who witnessed the starting point of silent scenery but never walk with us after that. a person who appear out of nowhere, stayed in my life for the shortest time, but left the deepest impact. i dont wanna sound like a sissy, but..

i long to speak to that person. i really do. i want to tell that person all the exciting & wonderful things that i've been thru in this past one and a half year. vice versa too

you saw me started something beautiful, i would like you to see the end someday. whats a story without an ending?


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