Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cut him some slack, will you guys?

Over the week, Anwar and PR has received quite heavy amount of attack from a godamn frog in parliament.

This is what surprised me. Whenever Anwar attacked someone, make sense and won the argument, people will praise him, put him on a savior status, BUT when he got attacked and can hardly defend himself, people will start saying he's weak, he has lost touch, he has lost and its all his fault.

I'm not saying that Anwar is so great that his credibility cant be questioned, but come on you guys, when he's winning you guys cheers, when he's attacked you guys all started walking away.

Think of these questions: Do you want to see change or not? Can you think of anyone else that can lead change other than Anwar or not? Do you think PR gonna win the next GE with supporters like you people?

Can you people please have abit more patience and abit more supportive? You people just know how to celebrate when luck is on your side. If you guys keep that kind of attitude, you wont see change in Malaysia. I've said this so many times, im fucking tired of repeating it.

I dont know about you people, but i will stand beside Anwar until he really really prove that he suck and cant make changes.

Make up your mind, are you in for this or not?


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