Monday, December 14, 2009

Mind your own business

First of all i would like to say, the main thing that i was against is religion, not Christianity alone. Christians just happen to be those who annoy me the most. They are just small fries.

Another thing is, I'm not an Antichrist. Whats an antichrist anyway? I would like to also clarify that I didnt rule out the possibility that there is a god, but didnt rule out also also mean, I didnt totally believe that god is on the positive side of existence. I like ideas than beliefs. Why?

Cos ideas can be modified, upgraded, improvised. Ideas can inspire, motivate and dicipline. Belief is dead, its a fullstop, its wether you accept or dont accept. The dangerous part of having beliefs is, the process of it will create mass conflict. Why does it create conflicts? Because beliefs skip the modified, upgrade and improvise stage. It goes straight to decision, and once decision is made, everything will be locked, nothing can be tolerate. It forces people to pick sides. And knowing how violent, selfish, greedy and reckless human beings are, SIDES will always lead to arguement, arguments leads to tensions, tensions leads to WAR. Sad to say, religion IS a belief.

Can everyone just fuckin take a moment to imagine? Instead of fucking fighting against each other like a bunch of fucking hooligans? Just put everything else aside and imagine that god is an idea? Imagine, god inspires, god is open to suggestions and allow his childrens to improvise on the idea of having a god, god let you decide who he is and what he's like. Do not judge, do not tell others what to think, have your own idea and keep a good spiritual relationship with your own god. In other words, mind your own fucking business. If everyone can do that, i promise you, there will be no coflict.

Im a person who loves logic. I will accept things that make sense. So far, i cant accept all the versions of god that religions presented me. None of them. Religions has repeatedly gave god a bad name over the years. If god is like what these religions described he is, then send me to hell, cos i dont see the difference between god and the devil.

I stand in the middle. Im open to suggestions, god may exist and god may not exist. I accept people who do not accept god, and i accept people who accept god (unless they try to tell me that im going to hell for not believing in a god). I love everyone, unless the try to fuck my ideas. If they fuck my ideas, then they've crossed the line. Just remember, im fucking good in debate, no religious people have ever beat me in a debate and they will never beat me in a debate because when they try to fuck my ideas, they are committing a sin. A sin of judging others without divine authority. When they've committed a sin, their brains normally will turn into pea size. A pea brain does not have enough space to store facts and wisdom. Pea brain with weak facts and baby wisdom can never beat me. Period.

Alright. About me doing all kind of provocative acts against religious people. The reason why i do that is, i like to see them get pissed off, start calling me names and ask me to go to hell. And why i like to do that? Because every time they get pissed off, I'm actually reminding them that they are not perfect, they are just like everyone else, they have no patience, they sin everyday, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Since they're just like everyone else, what actually gives them authority to judge people? Having a religion does not make you special. I say it again, IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU SPECIAL. Unless of course if your definition of "special" is in line with those kids who compete in the Special Olympics. Having religion doesn't automatically gain you respect. The only way to gain respect is to respect other people. For those people who think they are a better person than everybody else just because he/she has a religion, take my advice, shove your self-righteous ego up your fucking ass.

If you look at it that way, I'm actually doing them a favour. And what is an antichrist? I definitely dont' think that word is a big deal, i don't think a reversed cross is a big deal, cos, i dont' even fucking know weather does christ really exist, even if he does exist, no one can actually prove to me that he's the son of god. So, for me, the whole antichrist thing don't mean shit to me. I just play with the words, if people wanna take offense to that, then oops! i don't give a fuck!

Cmon people, be a normal person, religion is a waste of time, if you believe in god, its totally fine man, stop being self righteous and prosecute others. Mind your own fucking business.

Words of wisdom:-
GOD = An Idea, Inspires, Motivate, Dicipline, Provides Freedom, Equal to everybody; A Personal relationship.

I cant think of better version of a god than that.


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