Friday, August 7, 2009

A Scene At The Cinema

- Scene At The Cinema

Nervously standing here

I’m going to tell you, going to tell you, how I feel
Words stuck, sentences are strangled
Look up and down, left and to the right
Gaze at my shoe, stare at the people
From left to right, then glare at the corner

I started to string my words
I want this till the end of time
I hope you don’t mind
I hope I survive
What do you say?
Should I laugh or cry

Oh god, this looks like it’s pretty weird
So we take a break and head to the restrooms
Minutes later we meet again
But the topic has fled, question unanswered
Then we walk into the cinema,
We take our seats, remain silent
Now my mind is blank, there are no plans
But i've already started something that i cant hold back

So I started to string my words again,
You responded but there were no laugh or cry
Drift into a moment of silence,
Then the movie starts, I thought I’m fucked
But then you place your palm onto mine
I didn’t know what that meant but I just hold you tight

Fast forward
Everything runs so fast
Things became so warm and calm
We laugh and we look at the replica stars
I will give anything to relive the past
I will give anything to relive the past

Im the one who started this whole mess
It became a real mess, i cant swallow and pretend
I tried to fix it but it didnt mend
I try and try and try and try to fix it again
It can never end, it can never end
I cant let it end this way, i know i cant.

* for you, if you remember, if it actually meant anything to you

Written by Kit for Nightlights

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