Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Norm

The norm, well, it sucks big time. What have society done to the world all these years man, why the fuck does everyone thinks a person who graduated from college or university needs to sit in a fucking office doing something that they dont even fuckin like in order to be considered as NORMAL? Is it only me or everyone else are going insane?

The society and culture has pounded these ideas in so badly that now everyone in this world now think

1) A person didnt have to go in office everyday is a useless slack
2) A jobless person who earn his own living without going into office is a bump
3) A guy without a career at early twenties is not gonna make it in his life

Wait, who the fuck pound these assumptions into the society? I'll beat the shit outtha that brainless cock if i know who it was.

Work in a office, paycheck after paycheck, smile to people you hate, nod to people you dont respect, one position after another, one raise after another. Is that what i went into college for? All these years i spent in education is for this kinda crap? To be a salaryman? Well, if thats what its supposed to be, i guess prostitute isnt that a bad job after all. Whats the difference between a salaryman and a prostitute?

I cant see the difference, both are doin things that they dont really fancy, be in a place where they dont wanna be in, communicate with people that they dont respect or love. If thats the case, since when an ordinary office based salary man is better than a prostitute? Since when salaryman pass prostitute in goodness?

The next person who tells me that im a slack will get a punch right on the face. Im a higly intelligent person, im too smart to sit in an office and be a robotic salaryman. I woke up everyday think of ways to earn my living, i find ways to survive and find reason to be happy with my life, i use my brain more than any of these fuckers who just walk into an office, do their fucking paperwork like a fucking photostat machine, copying different documents but function the same. Sometimes even copy the same documents. If you work in an office and think u have it going on more than any other people in this world, im sorry, you're fucking delusional! You're not anything great, you're wether a prostitute or a photostat machine. Thats all.

Wanna tell me about job? Go out and try find a meaning in your life first. Fucking stupid society built Norm. Suck my ass bars!


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