Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lifetime Resolution

I was born here in 1985 June. That made me 24 years and 27 days old. I has never been away from this country for a long period. In fact I've only been out of Malaysia to Singapore and Thailand for vacation. I did love my country. I think its a nice place, but today i realized, that actually i have nothing much left to love in this country other than my mum and a few friends. I just feel its my time to go find a new place to live.

So, i've decided to give up everything here and go start a new life in other place.

As of for now, my direction would be France, and i will work for it from now on. Hopefully in 5 years time i can make that possible. Life is about meeting new people, experience new feelings, seeing new things right? Im not gonna sit back and wait for it to happen now. If thats what i feel like doing, yeah, right on, i'll go do it.

I've decided that Silent Scenery next album, "Sunset Parachutes" will be the band's last album. Hopefully we will pull this one out well, go on tours, then end it gracefully.

Me, Ian, Jerica & Vincent will get our horror/psychology movie done, hopefully that it will make us some money. Then thats it, all that will be my fullstop for Malaysia.

Wish me luck.


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