Friday, July 3, 2009

For you, my friend.

Ahahahaha, you cheesy pussy. As you know, im an internet nerd, if you feel like talking you can always buzz me on Msn, provided you're not doing your "slavery centre' chores". Ahaha. Tandoori? No problem, just find some Msn script that provide internet visual tandoori. Hmm, that makes me sounds really like an internet geek.

Anyway, to clarify, i never assume that you love my country that much that you dont want to leave. What i was trying to tell you all along is, dont stand at a same place for too long, you tend to turn lame when you stay at one place too long, you know? As im typing this, i can feel im turning more and more lame, cos i've been here for like.. 24 years? I wish i can fly around the world, meet new people, make new friends, create new feelings for different people at different places.

Most people change, even if you dont. The round ball that we're standing on now is spinning every second. Move with it, see more things, change your view, renew your feelings, build new passion, love new people and end up with millions of memories with millions of people. Life is about people you meet, people you feel for, memories you cherish. Thats my way of living because im a person who's obssessed with human emotions, living beings that i can see and feel. I dont need an eternal paradise and i dont wanna live after i die. Whats matters is what happen now and our Now wont last forever.

I dont like to see you feel sad about leaving a place, because i see it as a good thing and people like you who believe in God, should take it as a life experience, a new road that god provide you. Dont frown before you step into a new road in front of you. Once you start looking at a new road negatively, then you wont find any flowers growing on the path you walk, hell you might not even see the sunlight.

What i go against is not about i think you love my country. What i go against is your negativity on everything you do. I love my country, i just think my country need to be fixed. Like what Bob Dylan said, "You are what you think you are". If you think you're loser then you are a loser. If you think you're gonna lose, then you will lose. A loser thinking make a loser.

Dont think about me throwing a party for you when you come back. I wont stay here forever wait for you to come back, i will walk with the spinning globe and go meet people whenever i have a chance.

Dont think about wether i can make it. You spent too much time thinking about/for other people. Dont expect to bring joy to people before you can bring joy to yourself. Jangan jaga tepi kain orang. Ahahaha. The fucking stars in the sky wont stop blinking when you start frowning. You know why? Because nature care about themselves before they care for other things. Dont even mention about people's feelings before you stablize your own emotion.

Gather yourself and you wont feel small.


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