Thursday, May 21, 2009


why do you worry so much? why you always have doubts in things you do? nothing is perfect, no one can control their fate. for once, why cant you stay strong, believe in your decision and walk into a path full of space for imagination? why limit yourself and everything around you?

"when you are with me, im in doubt, when you're gone, i kept thinking about you"

these are the words you said to me. i dont like it when you doubt. i never once doubt about you, because i believe everything is in our hands, because once i made a decision, i wont turn back. your doubts thrown me away. and now you're going to doubt about your own life and paths? thats the last thing i wanna see.

be strong and dont turn back. our life is like a puzzle of a beautiful scenery , it will fall into the right place eventually.


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