Monday, May 25, 2009

Whisper In Coma

Nightlights - Whisper In Coma

Oh my lover has a gun,
And it puts me in a coma,
Everyday I lie in bed, longing for the sun,

She still speaks to me softly
She says she meant me no harm
As long as I can let go and hide it from everyone

You said you loved me, but it didn’t last,
You tried to hold me when you couldn’t even hold yourself

Oh my baby has gone sailing
On tiring waves of missions
She’s left alone with no feelings, without me seeing

Now there’s no one by my side
No voices left to whisper to me
No sight, no direction, no comfort, there ain’t no god speaking to me

Well, fine, god never told me anything
Silent treatment from him, never surprised me

Oh feelings are disturbing
Our thoughts are running wild
Imagination propagate dreams unto our conscience

Now she yells to me silently
From a distance beyond my sight
She said “Can I rant to you again first thing in the morning?”

I said “Yes, why not, I’ve been here like forever”
“I can listen from a distance, but I can’t be your guide”

I just want my dreamer to find her way
To her freedom, across the universe, discard the burdens,
To live, without a doubt of her choices in life
This is all I wish for, even if I don’t see the light.

2009 Written by Kit for Nightlights

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