Monday, April 13, 2009

Anwar, your people are the weakest.

Since the by election has ended. Its time for reality check. Yes, the people still trust Pakatan Rakyat, but one question shall be asked. For how long?

After all the attacks that PKR representatives have got from BN, and having two frogs jumped over to BN, Anwar should realise, PKR is the weakest party among the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. If not, why is it always PKR representatives that gets into trouble? Anwar have gotta admit that his people (PKR) are at least half as screwed up as BN representatives. I've got a friend whose father is a leader in PKR that possed quite a high post, and he too agree that there are alot of rats in PKR. When i ask him what kinda rats? He told me "the kind that will ask me for money". It seems like credible & commited leaders in PKR are so rare that it give me a feeling that these PKR ppl are in PKR because they think their favours will be returned when Anwar become PM (which i doubt very seriously that it will happen before PR can totally get rid of these rats).

I totally agree with RPK when he said PAS leaders are more commited. Look at Nizar. He didnt fall eventho he has been kicked outtha office, and being accused for disobeying the King. Look at Kelantan, it fell into PAS hands and it never go back to BN, there must be a reason why people vote for them right? There must be reason why BN never sucessfully bought any of their representatives and cause trouble in Kelantan right?

And while im at it, DAP too. Dont think you're a lot better than PKR because only Hee jumped, you guys are just one frog less than PKR. Take care of your people, no point keeping mutated rat-frogs that will hop and jump anytime.

All leaders in PR need to keep remind themselves this. The people chooses you on 8th March 2008 just chooses you because you guys are better option than BN for the moment. Dont get all your heads big and forgot what you promised. If those ppl who voted you on 8th March 2008 gets fed up and decided not to vote on next GE13, then i can assure you, PR will surely lose. You know why? Cos if these voters dont turn up, then whose left to vote? Traditional BN voters.

Anwar, you better do something about your corrupted insiders fast.


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