Thursday, February 26, 2009

Write Backwards

Nightlights - Write Backwards

You were born in your home, but you worship your neighbors’ throne
Walk up to them, try to decorate their moods
When our house's on fire, you pimp our land to your buyers
Then you fly away to where you desire

The magazines and papers claim that they represent us
But all I see is those strangers on the covers
Advertisements sell and feed your hungry souls
Living on empty, where are you gonna go?

Bogus accents, ret rock rockets, bumps into a street pick pocket,
Foreign billboards and imported shorts, western dishes stay in the hot spot,
National anthem, a rip off version, song from the past turns into present
Evil politicians, draconian laws, they will judge you in a kangaroo court

Read and learn and read, but you’ll never get to lead,
Internal security acts up when you forget the lyrics

Where are you gonna go?
When you have nobody home
Where are you gonna go?
When you lose control

Racers, robbers and liars, you are top ten on the earth,
You enrich the governor as they steal from the poor,
Smashed up translator, body apart from soul,
If you testify, you’ve gotta go!

Uniform servants, forgotten profession, place the bank notes under the booklet
Criminal actions, kid obsession, national treasure of the missing persons
Taboo sensation, high level corruption, every story has different versions
Silenced voices, trumped up charges, when you’re against us, you will get it first!

When our farm got robbed, everything was gone, and you were there singing your neighbor’s songs
You monkeys see, you monkeys do, when they say yes, you scream “I DO”
When I direct this song to you, you say “To hell with you!”


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