Friday, February 20, 2009

Pointless Questions & Statements

Alright, this is about pointless questions and statements that we use. We often uses it, but we never realize how pointless it is.

1) B went A's house looking for A. B knock on the door. A's mum answer the door, know its A's friend, so she ask A to come down from his room while she open up for B, then she ask B "Hey, looking for A?"

2) Boyfriend pissed the girlfriend off, girlfriend put on a moody expression. Boyfriend walks up to girlfriend and ask "Are you angry?"

3) A & B going to meet up.
A: So we meet at Mid valley at 3pm alright. What time are you gonna be there?

4) A tells B that he's very stressed up with his problem.
A: ...this problem has been bothering me, its killing me.
B: Ohh, are you okay?

5) A tells B that he's not free.
A: Im catching a movie at 9pm.
A: So i wont be free at 9pm.
B: Obviously?

6) A tells B that she's hungry.
A: Damn, im hungry...
B: What time you ate this afternoon?
A: Why does that matter?

ok, i can only think of 6 right now.

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