Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ms. Sunshine

Nah, take this.

"Ms.Sunshine" Live At Actor's Studio Featuring Azmyl Yunor

Lyrics & Transcript

Kit: This song is about her ridiculous working hours.

Hey Ms. Sunshine!
How are you doing today?
I wrote this yesterday’s morning
I was supposed to sing it today
Ms. Sunshine work and sleep in the morning.
Well, she’s occupied by her work.
Ahh, Ms. Sunshine, I will sue you for overwork
Put down those papers and pens
We shall sing a song

That goes like this

Yeah, this is a song about you, Dear.
I bet you’d like to listen to
Some lyrics that doesn’t rhyme, with the strumming and the chords
I bet you can hear, a song that go
“Lala, lalalalalalalala, lala, lalalalalalala”

Ladies & Gentlement, Azmyl Yunor!
(Harmonica Solo)

Hey Ms. Sunshine!
This song is dumb I know.
But you should feel blessed, because I wrote it for you.
Hey Ms. Sunshine!
You know I’ve run out of words.
This is the last reminder for you
Here I go.
One Two Three Four

Ahh, Ms. Sunshine!
Don’t drive with your eyes closed
You’ve got to spend little more time,
Without these paper works

Hey, you people!
Ms. Sunshine is not here.
So you can stop looking left and right, because she’s not here.

Hey, Ms. Sunshsine
You don’t even know this song exist yet.

"ms.sunshine by kit"

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