Wednesday, January 14, 2009

whats my price?

see the bright side of everything. to live positively, life lessons.

each time when the cut went deeper, i told myself. i just need to stand aside, i dont need to be around. i just need to be there when im needed. i'll jump into the scene, when im needed.

i dont believe you think i want something from you, give and dont think of taking? what did i took? i gave the heart, i gave the mind, im even willing to give my soul if i have to. yes, you didnt ask me to but i've never asked you to do the same either. so what did i took? what did i asked when the bullet goes thru me? i didnt, i choose to walk away, so its less complicating and less hurting for myself. and thats wrong in your eyes and thats requesting things in return, in your eyes.

well, im really curious, how much do i actually worth? am i just these little pennies, left at the corner of the room, when you're broke, you collect it back so that at least you can buy some snacks? thats all i worth right? ask honestly. how many pennies do i worth?

and its not just now. from day one, im just these little pennies, that you been holding on to. just in case. when you have the bank notes, these pennies not even worth a thing to you. you dont even mention bout them when you didnt see them. it didnt even crossed your mind. once you went broke, this is it. the pennies would last you at least a little while.

i just know very deep in my mind, if i die tomorrow, i treated someone sincerely. i might have built a barrier. but at least im not hurting anyone by doing so. i dont treat people like pennies.


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