Monday, January 5, 2009

things you'll never read

You, you will never understand. Its beyond imagination. You can never see my side of lights. And i'll explain my actions this time. I can live in this semi conscious world, which i can portray myself as anything to suits the need of yours. but a semi conscious world will still be a semi conscious world. a wax figure of kurt cobain will never be kurt cobain. that is also why dreams are separated from reality. i made my peace toward tragedies a long time ago, im honest and i dont mind dying for telling the truth. i dont offer plastics. im not a figure of perfection, i cant fulfill your expectations, and i never intended to. all i can offer its an amount of sincerity and empty inbalanced box of feelings.when i say, okay. it means okay. when i say i'll still stand beside you, means i will still stand beside you.nothing more, nothing less.

but, you will never understand. ever. how deep a blank imagination would be.


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