Sunday, January 4, 2009

oh gone my holidays

December has been a very unpredictable month for me. too many things happened. some good, some bad, some pretty confusing. Went party hard with a bunch of friend on christmas eve, i almost got beat up by people's boyfriend but, good times. spent my christmas night with someone who means a lot me. Something happened during the day, so i just sorta sleep walk around the house doing nothing,

but we manage to make it, 30 minutes before christmas ends. thats what matters.

The next morning, i found myself following julia, eka and fuho to penang. Was a short journey, julia speed too much. We move from kl at 12, we reach penang at 3.30. its been awhile since i step my foot in penang, kinda enjoyed it. The beach and the food. yeah, thats what i say when someone ask me "what you gonna do in penang?", "beach and food". We lie on the shore at night look at stars too. I cant remember whens the last time i see stars. For your information, kl dont have stars, all you can see in kl is sad, orange sky.

Journey didnt just end in penang, we stop by Taiping too, also its been awhile since i went back Taiping. Nothing much happened, as usual, went drink with friends in 3 different locations.

Went back to work, really frustrating week. Dont like to talk about it.

New year eve spent with ebee, fuho and weixin. Went to the curve, it was so damn packed, that i feel real uncomfortable. Watched the fireworks, which i rather call it, explosions in the sky. Went back to weixin's house drank two bottles of wine with fuho, start talking about my stand on alot of things, music, life and view on higher power, i realize can only truly speak out when im tipsy. oh well, only both of them will know my real stand on those things. Anyway, happy new year. Oh gone, my holidays.

Here's some pictures. Taken with my phone. Photoshopped. Made into polaroid using Poladroid.

Sunset in penang beach.

The explosions in the sky


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