Friday, December 19, 2008

ikea lost

They lost to a band. Furniture.

"Please" by Furniture


Watched the world go by
Standing in a line

You could never tell
I haven't been well
It's a lie

Days are longer now
Since the falling out
Changed so fast

Aching for lost time
All the ill defined
Haunting me

I don't want to die
But i'm sick of life
In this way

Memory is short
And everything we fought
It's all lost

It's the scent of you
Hanging in my room
Stings my eyes

As you never were
I see you dissapear

My dear apathy
I could never be
Didn't try

All the plans we made
And all the lines i chased
Back to you

It's so quiet here
It's so quiet here

You're beautiful
(I deserve much better from you honey
all too soon you'll come around)

too damn well written.


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