Tuesday, December 9, 2008

dont you?

Dont you wanna castrate these people with a steak knife?

* people who makes pointless remarks when shit happened.
* the group commando, that person who wants everyone to follow her/his commands, all the time.
* people who cant decide shit. decision dragging cunts.
* religious farts who tell you that you're going to hell every time he/she meets you.
* people who cant take mean / dark jokes. anti black humor warriors. in other words, cheesy jokes pussies.
* violent drunk people. wife beater turdhead.
* people who play computer games more than 12 hours a day. penis wanking computer games losers.
* hipsters, so called indie kids, who wears colorful sunglasses at night, tight -balls-scrambling skinny pants, dance to music senselessly like retards. and apparently these people tot they're cooler than goth kids. sorry to spoil your fun, you fucks are as retarded as goth kids!
* guys who uses cologne/perfume. one word, faggot! why not you cut your balls off and try to heal the wound with your dog-urine-awful-stinking cologne?
* men who wears cute ass t-shirts. yes, the one with the smiling mickey t-shirt. stop that. i'll shove that t-shirt into your asshole then castrate you with a baby pin!
* guys who think he's so cool that he have to take picture with every girl he meet then post it on facebook. with "my fweenssss" as caption while he barely know those people he took pics with. dont hide it, people know you're a loser that cant raise a nipple.
* girls who think they're so hardcore that they wanna challenge people to do extream stuff all the time. try blow your head off like cobain will ya?


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