Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sack the fella

Its a huge relief for malaysians now that RPK is released. finally malaysia judiciary starts to make some sense. so, the judge said, RPK ISA detention is illegal because the home minister didnt follow the proper procedures. great. you know what i say? i say, detain the home minister under ISA.

Why? i'll tell you why. if he, as home minister, cant even follow proper procedure in detaining someone under ISA, i wonder what he's capable of. Alright, let say he made a mistake, he didnt mean it, but this is a huge mistake! why is he still the home minister? Lets look at what he have cause by detaining RPK under ISA without following proper procedures. COUNTLESS of protest and candlelight vigil. If the Hindraf 5 is detain under ISA because organizing ONE street protest. Then why isnt the home minister that didnt follow proper procedures gets detain under ISA? He contribute big time in this problem. He's the one to be blamed. Alright, if detain him under ISA is too harsh then nevermind. We are good, law abiding and civilized citizens, we prefer not to use savage law like ISA on people. lets sack him from his position as the home minister shall we?


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