Thursday, November 6, 2008

politician victories and assassination

Americans have got their first african american president. i sure has witness a whole lot of history being made lately. first, its malaysia general election that have the oppositions denied the rulling government parliament by 2/3. then now Barack Obama became the states' first african american president.

Now i can tell this to my childrens & grandchilrens in the future!

Im also waiting for one more history to be made. Oppositions take over Malaysia and have Anwar become the prime minister of Malaysia. For those of you nay sayers and those who gave up hope on Anwar because he cant deliver his september 16 dateline, i think you guys shouldnt be such whiny bitches. Taking over a government is not like taking over a Chicken rice stall.

first of all, for all i remember, Anwar said September 16th is the last day for BN rulers to decide wether they wanna crossover to PR. then media blow the story out of proportion saying Sept 16 will be a date where Anwar will storm into PM's office, demand PM to get the fuck outtha the office. PR go with the flow, still saying "they'll be ready by 16th sept". when goverment take over didnt happen on sept 16, everyone whines.

Anwar as a politician for so many years, got framed into jail for 6 years, know damn well, promising a dateline is a dangerous move that will cause him more negative effect than positive (especially making promises to whiny Malaysians) and yet he gave malaysians a dateline. why? just to scare some BN candidates to jump to his ship? i dont think so. what if that move didnt work? it will make hella lot of malaysian lose trust in him wouldnt it? Anwar is not dumb, he must had thought of this and wouldnt be that stupid to go on with such risky plan if he doesnt have some backup with him. it has to be something more behind all this.

anwar is a visionary leader. if he didnt have a proper planning he wouldnt come back. so far all this plans worked. unite DAP, PRK & PAS, denies BN 2/3 in parliament, get himself back into parliament. among all his plans, taking over goverment and become prime minister is the finale. its the final move, wont you guys have a little more faith and patience?

i still believe he can be Prime Minister and make some change in Malaysia (if no asshole assassinate him). talking about assassination. after watching multiple videos of politician assassination (e.g Benazir Bhutto, JFK, RFK, Ronald Regan attempt assasination) i think anwar really needs to more careful. because, from what i see he always show up in public in the same situation as Benazir Bhutto and RFK did. Stand amongst a big crowd with minimal relaxing secuirity. it would be easy for any motherfuckers to just run to him and blow his head off. if its a long range sniper shot then i guess, its his luck then. just like JFK. but i feel he should prevent easy assasination scenario. i would be fuckin pissed if i get assasinate by some guy whojust walk up to me when i can actually afford to have body guards and human sheild to safe my life. if someone snipe me then at least not so "buta". get what i mean?

have some faith fellow malaysian!


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