Tuesday, November 4, 2008


"so, kit, what do you believe?"

* i believe Buddha is the first hippie in the world, go figure why.
* i believe religion is the biggest bullshit mankind ever came out with.
* i believe in the ability of human to create and destroy.
* i believe love is friendship being set on fire.
* i believe men and women are like cats and dogs, they will never understand each other, but they can live togather with the right amount of tolerance.
* i believe music is the most influential form of sound.
* i believe children and old people are the most harmful group of people but overlooked by mass society.
* i believe money is the most important yet most meaningless thing in the world.
* i believe the person who created delay & distortion effect pedals were high when they create it.
* i believe penis is the only offensive weapon without the support of bone.
* i believe men has better brains than women, but wasted the brain because of laziness & arrogance.
* i believe hot girls has the worst hygiene.
* i believe if god really exist, he's a fuckin idoit.
* i believe geeks and nerds are the ones who're supporting the country and economy, they provide us life, although i still despise them and would like to bully the fuck outtha them, just for having an asshole personality, act extremely lame and annoying.
* i believe everyone are racist to a certain extend, although they like to act like they're totally not racist.
* i believe point blanc is born retarded.
* i believe dj nesh know how to shove a dildo up his ass better than dj-ing laundry bar on thursday nights.
* i believe hiphop music are originally inspired by dog barks.
* i believe im a hardcore liberal.
* yeah.


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