Tuesday, October 28, 2008

you need to be full of shit to be in love

Yes. that's the conclusion of love. im not saying there's no love in this world, there certainly is. love is in the air man. really. im talking bout the requirement to be in love.

to be in love, u need to have this in your resume, only this one requirement.

"full of shit"

the most common thing i heard from people is. guy is full of shit when they say the 3 magic words, which i totally agreed upon! BUT apparently it didnt occur to girls that when they say it, they have the equal amount of bullcrap in them too. whats with all those girls-are-fragile-easily-hurt crap? when a girl got hurt its always the fuckin dick thats the cause? when a dude got hurt, "ah, its their own fault, they have it coming".

this is not personal, this is also not a sexist statement, im pointing out a facts. seriously did any of you realise this? this is getting to my nerves. for girls who always say "mens are assholes!", i have two words for you honey. fuck you.

guys who fucks you up are assholes, but dont forget, girls has this habit of letting assholes fuck their brains out. my view is, the person who are willing to be fucked are as guilty as the fuckers themselves.

tell me now, why 90% of the time, people feel that girls are the good people while guys are the villians? whats the basis behind that?

people are born to be equal. things that men has and can do, women dont have. things women can do men cant. its balanced. dont spoil the damn balance!

problems and consequences that we all face are the result of our doings & choices, when shit happens, we can only blame ourselves.

about the bullshit thing, mens basically 90% are bullshitters. but so do women. mens says the magic words to get to women' pants. women says it to get comfort, attentions and things they want, included the men. both sides has their own selfish intentions hidden in their closets.

love is basically about crapping to each other. for people who play the sincere games, men or women, u'll end up stroking urself at the end of the day. women likes the assholes, the badasses that can tell them a whole bunch or bullshit, not the sincere sweet dudes. mens likes the fake attitudes and fake faces, fake beauty of womens, not the average nice faithful girls. both sides convince themselves to believe in illusions. honesty that doesnt exist in this thing called love.

equal balance + right amount of bullshit = love

got it dummy?

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