Friday, October 17, 2008

grow up dude

Well, im not a political blogger, but this has gone too far. Yes im a chinese, you might feel im bias over my own race for supporting YB Teresa Kok. If you think im bias, then you're one racist son of a bitch. Im writing this because, i feel that utusan malaysia has gone over a 40 foot pole (way over the line). Im writing this because, i want racial harmony. Im writing this to stop utusan malaysia from brainwashing malaysian with their hate messages that has hidden racist agenda. Writing a short story about "a minister got assasinated" then describe YB Teresa as "dog"?

Seriously Utusan Malaysia, you guys act like whiny 3 years old kids. You guys whine and whine and whine,roll on the floor and cry because you cant get to buy a toy. Please do yourself a favour, stop playing racial cards., try to grow up a little bit. I sometimes pity you guys, cos you guys sounded so wisdom-less and immature that instead of buying your imaginary stories, malaysian laugh at you.

Come on, if YB Teresa has really done wrong or disrespect the muslims in malaysia, even i myself will agree to put her in jail. But the fact is, she never did anything wrong, she obviously got put into ISA because you liars accuse her and create propaganda to blindsight malaysian to think that she's a racist.

First you say she's racist for not letting jawi to
be added to road signs. Dude, malaysian can understand bahasa malayu right? Why is it nessesary to put in jawi? this is not race issue, this is about logic and common sense. how bout road signs that only has bahasa melayu on it, does it need to included "english" "mandarin" and "tamil" in one simple road sign? come on, thats rediculous! Its obvious that you guys has nothing on YB Teresa, so you dig out small unrelated matters, turns a big round and use it to attack YB Teresa. Its like a kid spoilt the tv, got no one to blame, so he blame his sister for not washing the dishes.

"mom! i spoilt the tv because teresa didnt wash her dishes!"

Come on!

oh yeah, how come you guys are allowed to write about all this terrorism shit and not get detained by ISA? i bet if malaysiakini write something like that, the website will be shut down in seconds and whole commitee of malaysia kini will be in kamunting in 4 hours time.

bravo utusan for being immature and get away with it. not once, all the time and more to come.

grow up you little cry babies.


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