Tuesday, September 2, 2008

a rare tuesday blue

aha.this is quite a jump from my previous post.

Having a rare Tuesday blue after a long weekend. not just a long weekend. a fun one i had. to think of it. the fun actually started on Thursday where i see for the first time, Silent Scenery dominated a show in Laundry bar, then followed by a weird/funny acoustic show we played at a place that looks like a brothel on Friday night, that's not all, the main course of this joke is, there were no crowd! Somehow we don't feel demotivated or sad about it, in fact i think at some point, we enjoyed playing our set. ahaha. i also made it to watch deepset launch their album at wondermilk, met eb, had a drink and an indo mee with telor mata kerbau with her.

Saturday was the heavy one. i was supposed to attend rantai merdeka event at jaya one but i woke up late, and scrapped the plan after i receive a call from eb asking me to join tthe rest to celebratie merdeka at the curve. so i went to curve to sorta celebrate malaysia independence day. with jz, jn, eb, fu and ek. we later head back to jz & jn's house to have our "after party" :)

i made used of my jagermeister at last
got wasted with jz, jn, fu and eb is fun, especially jz (fire starter partner) . altho eb didnt drown, the night was good nonetheless.

i ended up saying alot of things to eb which i really cant remember until now. she told me that i'll know whut i actually said if one day she really release a journal/book. now that will be a reason for me to be a supportive friend isnt it!ahahah.kidding.

oh yeah, i also
slept in the toilet :)

sunday went slow, i woke up really really late.
got up, fetch fu home and had dinner with jz and jn. the keyword is "dinner". can estimate my woke up time? ahahah. again, that night i wanted to go rantai merdeka event, but scrapped it cos laziness hits my head. jz and jn, whined about me for not bathing since a day before, so jn lend me a towel, i went bath, and jz lend me a shirt after that. i'll need to wash it and return to her soon. eb came visit us again that night. with jz out to drink with friends again, jn plan to visit her lover, i went home after having a short yam char session with both jn and eb at old town.

monday was very warm, jz,jn,kw, and me went to berbuka puasa with eb in j.u.s.t thai. kw treated us. right after the dinner eb left us to go perform her ramadhan prayer. jz,jn, kw and me walk around the mall for awhile, as usual, shoe hunting session for the ladies. then jz suggested us to catch a movie. we went to the cinema, the losers jn and kw who havent watch the dark knight chooses to watch dark knight. while me and jz went to watch Love Guru, was a decent movie, some scene did gave me and jz some good laugh. Love Guru finished earlier than Dark Knight, so i fetch jz back to her home. on the way, we saw an accident. where we saw this motionless guy (looks heavily injured, with blood all over his body) sitting in a disfigured proton wira. through the condition of the vehicle he's sitting in we figured that he had already passed. first time in my life i see this kinda thing.

back home, jz made herself and me her country's famous high end instant noodle ( as she claimed ) ahahha. the thing is, i have to eat with a spoon. cos her house only have one fork. simple calculation, 1 house, 1 fork, 2 person needed a fork = the girl will always get the fork. Ahahaha, but im not complaining tho, damn the instant noodle were good. oh yeah, i wash the dishes after that too. shaite. Ahahah.

Thats my long weekend, and now im at my office having my rare tuesday blue.

Kit "tuesday blu-er"

ps: oh yeah, maybe i am.

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